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Innovation Tools


The Team created a number of tools and methods from its work in front-line transformation projects. 


Overview of DIT Tools hosted by esd-toolkit





Innovation Process Toolkit

Structured documentation and presentation of the process, methods, activities and templates used in DIT’s local innovation projects to allow wide reuse.


A linked set of diagrams and documents; hosted on this website, & also as stand-alone CD.


Contains all tools below.

Social & Economic Business Case Tool

Program to support the creation of a Strategic Outline Business Case to inform investment decisions in projects with social and economic returns.


Web application hosted on this website. Use ideally in group setting supported by facilitator.

Stakeholder Benefits Tool

Program to create a benefit-stakeholder footprint and a benefit-beneficiary table for a project, based on standard reference model.


Excel Spreadsheet, easy to use.

Beacons Checklist

Form-based, structured presentation of evaluation criteria used in Digital Inclusion Beacons awards for use as capability analysis tool with a LA. Produces SWOT and comparison with Beacon LAs.


Complex spreadsheet typically for use by analyst or consultant.  Also available as a summary guide to aid executives and planners.


An online database of examples of how ICT can be used to address social exclusion, searchable by exclusion type and benefit type.



Access to Electronic Services Guide

Uses examples to help public service providers select the best electronic channels to reach their target service users.


Interactive pdf document.

Transition Tool

Method to systematically help plan the transition of a pilot project into a live operational service.


Guide and diagram templates presented as a PowerPoint pack.

Local Authority NGA Risk Tool


Provides an easy entry into the Analysys-Mason NGA data to plot a LA’s areas of risk and opportunities in relation to NGA broadband roll-out.

A simple Excel spreadsheet that builds on the publically available Excel file of NGA data from the CLG sponsored NGA work to extract the information related to the chosen LA and print the dashboard.