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Inclusion Through Innovation

This is the report that caused our programme to be set up, to  implement its conclusions.


The report published in November 2005, Inclusion Through Innovation: Tackling Social Exclusion Through New Technologies, explores the potential that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have to improve service delivery and quality of life for the most excluded groups, and argues that effective use of ICT is key to addressing exclusion and meeting complex needs. 


The report explores how ICT can be used to make mainstream public services - including education and training, health, employment and benefits and housing - more effective, efficient, and accessible for socially excluded groups, and sets out numerous examples of innovative uses of technology to address exclusion.  The report also contains over 100 links to relevant projects and research within this field.



Main report 1276_Inclusion_Through_Innovation_November_2005.pdf


For copies of Annexes or other documents contact enquiries@digiteam.org.uk