Delivery Innovation Team

ICT-Enabled Social Innovation



This is the site of the Delivery Innovation Team programme (aka Digital Inclusion Team) that ran from 2006 to 2011. See About Us. You can download the Team's Final Report. Understand the Team's mantra that "I = C + D + E" at Innovation.


All of the results of the work we did to use technology to transform front-line public services to disadvantaged groups are now hosted on this website under Innovation Resources. See Tools for a list of all of the main resources.


The paper describing the Team's methodology and tool for project investment appraisal and business case development, Waller, P, and McKinnon, E, (2013) “A Social Innovation Investment Appraisal Method and Tool", is available from the Appraisal Methodology page along with an example of its use. 


Watch Think About It

Watch our video ‘Think about it’. It sets out how we can take the opportunity to use technology as a tool for improving lives and life chances or face the risk of increasing economic and social costs. That is what we did, and the movie is just as valid now as it was when we made it.


Click on Think about it movie to watch it (images with music soundtrack: headphones may be required)To read a transcript of 'Think about it' please click on this link:  Transcript for Think About it (text only PDF, 31kb)


This presentation is available for anyone to place on their website or use when needing to explain the benefits of ICT in front line public services to disadvantaged groups. Please visit


To see the index of statistics and other information sources that were used to create the movie, please click on this link: Think About it Source Index