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Beacon Checklist

Digital Inclusion Beacon Checklist




The Digital Inclusion Beacon Checklist is a tool for reviewing existing digital and social inclusion activities within a council or local partnership against a standard framework used to identify Beacon Local Authorities in 2009. Its focus is on identifying areas of good practice that you should be sharing with other local authorities, and reviewing areas where you might not be considering action, and understanding what beacon local authorities have done in these areas. In other words the tool is about collating and sharing good practice around digital and social inclusion, and services delivering such outcomes. It is simple to use with 30 short questions to complete. The tool generates an automated report, the results of which can be a catalyst for an innovation process to identify opportunities for action. Completing this tool is a good starting activity in the Set-Up phase of this Innovation Process to identify themes and challenges for the process. The beacons checklist tool set includes:

• An excel tool

• A brochure providing additional details

• A guide to completing the checklist